Monday, February 1, 2010

Ehow Responds to UK Website Concerns With First Ever Video Blog

If you haven't been active on the ehow site lately, you may have missed the latest communication tool they've implemented. Ehow posted their first Video Blog on January 29th where Rich (Community Manager) and Greg (General Manager) discussed what is being done to address the concerns of the community regarding the UK site and the drop in earnings that many writers have been complaining about on the message boards. 

Since my earnings are minimal I hadn't noticed a drastic change but apparently some long time successful ehow writers had noticed a decline in their monthly incomes which they attributed to their articles being published on the UK beta site without being compensated for the ad revenue generated by that site. I've not spent much time on ehow lately and only added one new article since last posting to this blog. According to the video we should see some compensation from the UK site included in January's earnings. Does this mean our earnings will be separated into US earnings and UK earnings? I've not seen any differentiation made in my articles earnings, have you? I'm curious to see if/how they will show the actual compensation from the UK site once they close out the month of January.

Please comment on what else you may have observed or gathered regarding this subject.

Happy February! We've enjoyed a rare snowfall over the weekend and a day off from school due to icy roads. Hope you're staying warm and safe this winter!


  1. I haven't noticed much difference except slightly less earnings than the past 3 months, although I increased my article log by 20 articles over that time. I don't know if the dip is UK related or not and if we are going to see UK earnings, I haven't noticed anything yet and it is already Feb 1.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that the "report abuse" button is just a glitch and Rich said it was only hit on accident.
    Please take the time to follow my new ehow blog:


  3. Aloha BestMommy...
    Received your invite from eHow Publishing and hopefully this comment will suffice. I think you have an excellent Blog here and that we can keep in touch...
    Thank you kindly,
    Michael AngelOh

  4. Here are the facts, as THE PREACHER see's them. EHOW is one of the buggyest sites you will ever write on. The publisher wizard they use is constantly breaking down, eating up half you articles steps, or freezing your articles in limbo so you can’t get at them and no one can read them.
    Communication sucks. Day in and day out writers are asking the same questions and getting no answers. And when eHOW does respond, it is usually a warning threatening action against you and your account. No PR skills what so ever.
    But as others have already stated , the UK site, eHOWs secret brain child, has split the community of writers right in half and has everyone going at one anothers necks. Secret, yes, their secret UK site. They secretly mirrored all U.S. writers articles onto both sites, without any of the writers permission to do so. They then made money off those articles, thousands upon thousands of articles, and told no one. When someone stumbled upon their secret site, it all came to a head and the eHOW UK scandal was born.
    EHOW insisted their UK site had caused no one any harm, and for a lenghty time, refused to answer any of the writers questions. Many writers took down their articles, many left the site. Others threatened to leave, and finally ehow agreed to remove all articles of U.S. writers from the UK site. In the meantime, many U.S. writers found their once thriving articles had stopped earning. That’s right, eHOW, by mirroring the usa site over to the UK site, had messed up the url’s, so many writers LOST A LOT of money during this time. Ehow then insisted all U.S. writers articles were no longer on the UK site, and that the profiles would be removed.
    As it turned out, many articles were removed, but many more were not. Not only that, but all newly written articles here in the USA were still being cloned in the UK site. So where are we today? Well, the articles are finally removed, but ehOW still refuses to compensate U.S. writers for all the actual money they lost while their articles stopped earning. EHOW instead came up with what they called a generous compensation, not for money lost from all this, but for what they deemed the value of each writers articles were during the months the entire UK thing unfolded.
    Say what? So many writers generous compensation came to under $10, many more recieved under $!. But how could that possibly be? We are talking about writers who had hundreda of articles and who lost hundreds of dollars? Easy to explain, the valus of the U.S. writers articles were not worth spit during that time, because eHOW killed their article links when they mirrored the two sites together. They continue to refuse to compensate U.S. writers for all that lost income, even though eHOE profitted from those articles. Remember, U.S. writers were paid nothing for their articles while they were on the UK site, but eHOW had ads on those articles and pocketed all the earnings.
    The latest news is that outraged writers are demanding that their UK profiles, placed their from the U.S site without the writers permission, be removed. EHOW has said NO. U.S. writers are also demanding the right to edit those profiles, which contain their personal informat. Again, eHOW today has said NO. And eHOW refuses to take down the comments that were placed on their articles. Say what? Why the hell would a company remove the articles, but leave the profiles and comments? I smell a rat, and so do many others. I would strongly recommend that no one sign up at that site. They will steal your articles, and your earnings, and not give it a second thought. This company operates more like a scam then a business

  5. Dear certainly are one unhappy ehower. I can't blame you though...things are not so good. I wish you would have disclosed your ehow handle so we could check out your articles/profile etc. or did you remove everything? I searched for members named "Preacher" and only found one match with no articles or profile. Did you move your articles to another site...if so, how is that working out for you?

  6. I am really hoping that things with eHow turn around soon. I have been affected by the UK glitch and my income has yet to recover but I have added quite a few this month. Here is hoping that we all have a prosperous 2010 with eHow.

  7. Hello, just so you know, some of us are putting our necks way out there to expose eHOW for what it really is, so yeah, I go by THE PREACHER and others use other names. And we are not telling people not to write for eHOW, it is our hopes that through education, we will force eHOW to become a better place for all writers. Let’s talk a bit about those famous eHOW sweeps, shall we. Ever wonder what is really behind the madness? Yes, some are articles that are out of eHOW’s guidelines. Yes, some are poorly written. But many of these that get deleted are top earning articles. That’s correct, they are top earning articles, that have been in place for several years in many cases, only to overnight no longer fall within eHOW’s guidelines. How to hell can that be? What is really going on here?
    Glad you asked. There is gold in your deleted articles, pure gold – for eHOW. I know, how can there be gold for eHOW in deleted articles. First let’s look at just what your high earning articles have accomplished. They have matured and rank high on the search engines. They have developed a following, in as far as online articles can develop a following. They have built up comments and views. And then eHOW comes riding in on its white horse and deletes em. All that hard work and effort is gone, right?
    Don’t bet the family farm on it. EHOW wins on several fronts, and here is the secret to their dirty little game of deleting high earning articles. First, even though your articles get deleted, they are not totally gone, something very important remains behind and in eHOWs control – your URL’s. And therein is the gold, because eHOW takes your articles URL’s and redirects them to pages full of links to DS (DEMAND STUDIOS) so all your hard work and effort are now going to serve eHOW’s cause, promoting their DS articles.
    These redirects are eHOW’s free bread and butter. The DS articles are already paid for, so all traffic they redirected to those articles is extra money in eHOWs pocket. An added bonus, they are now making money off the DS article ads and not paying for your articles any longer. It’s win win all the way around. Another bonus, all your deleted articles comments. EHOW uses the strength of those comments to help drive the DS articles even higher in the search engines rankings.
    This is why eHOW is never clear as to why your articles get deleted. In many cases, there is no reason they can clearly state and point to. Oh yeah, we deleted your top earning articles so we can make a pile of money off of them – nope, don’t expect them to answer truthfully on this one. But now you know, redirects of deleted articles spells gold for eHOW.

    You make some good points. I personally had my most lucrative article deleted after several months of steady earnings. Coincidentally, it happened to be my first article ever submitted to ehow so that is one of the reasons I was impressed with ehow from the start and was excited to submit more articles. I still don't understand though, why they would delete a high earning article since they were taking a cut from it as well and since we don't know their formula for paying out, they could just as well have decreased my cut and increased theirs. Seems like they cut off their own nose to spite their face, if I could one of Grandma's famous sayings.


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