Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Ehow Friend Needs Your Help!

I'm posting this request in order to help one of my ehow friends prepare for a job interview.  I wanted to help her get the word out about an incredible opportunity that has presented itself.  Please help Janice get to 1000 subscribers! See below for explanation.

Here's YOUR challenge: I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity knocking at my door and REALLY need your help and support! I may have the opportunity to land a spot in t.v. land with a local network to my area WOTV Channel 4. I want to see how many of my eHow friends can SUBSCRIBE to my channel on eHow. Remember, I'm loaded with information about consignment, personal styles in clothing, putting outfits together, and general clothing knowledge that eHow has given me the chance to share with you. PLEASE SUPPORT ME IN SUBSCRIBING TO ME! My goal is to have over 1000 subscribers in 2 days, just in time for the interview process. I'm already getting a FREEBIE 2 minute spot in radio tomorrow morning to plead my case on why I should be picked for the job. I WOULD LOVE YOUR SUPPORT! Click on the link below to go to my profile page, read about me, maybe rate an article, but most importantly, if you haven't SUBSCRIBE to me Consignmentchic!!!!


I truly appreciate all your support! THANKS in advance for your help!


Janice Penny a.k.a. CONSIGNMENTCHIC

Let's all help Janice reach her goal. Feel free to tweet this post, forward to your other ehow friends, post the link on your own blogs, social networks, etc.  Thank you everyone!

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  1. Used my three eHow accounts to subscribe to Jancie's articles! Good luck! LWM, FLorida.


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