Thursday, October 29, 2009

eHow's "I Did This" Feature: Have You Used It?

While studying my ehow account and trying to come up with more article ideas I came across an "I Did This" post I made back in May 2009.  I completely forgot about this feature of the site and noticed that now they want you to post at least 5 photos (mine only has 1--which at the time was sufficient, I guess) and explain in at least 300 words how you've done something that has already been explained in a previously posted eHow article. Are we compensated in any way for posting these? I noticed a group of "related ads" on my page but I've never seen any earnings reports or page views for my lone "I Did This," so my guess is no. I'm not sure if I would spend the time again, now that the pic and wordcount requirements have increased. What are your thoughts on this feature? Have you used it before and do you think it's worth investing the time? Or is this the first time you're hearing about it?


  1. I haven't used the "I did this" thing on ehow either...I don't think it is worth it. I also wanted to stop in and say hi and thanks for adding my article. Your blog is awesome!

  2. Your article is helpful to me as I did not really understand HOW to use the "I did this" feature. I have actually made one item featured on an eHow article, took pictures then was not sure it qualified. Thanks for this tip and I'll decide if I post it. I'm enjoying your blog also!

  3. I did two "i did this" on ehow. Hoping to win a contest. I do not think it is worth my time... no I didn't win. :)

  4. I haven't done any of the new "I did this." I started one of them, but it seemed like too much work for not much payoff. I skipped it! I did however see that Maria aka "writergig" won some kind of a trip for her "I did this" on making a window treatment. She blogged about it recently if you're interested.

  5. I tried adding my own "I did this" for ehow and as Melissa said, it seemed like too much work for no payoff. I suppose if you think you could win a contest with yours it might be, but who has the time with all the ehow articles I'm trying to come up with!!!
    Thanks for the great ones yourself...I've subscribed and recommended you on ehow :)

  6. yellowstar2000,
    Thanks for the positive comment on
    I'm getting lots of good feedback on that one. It feels great to know that people find that little workaround helpful.


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