Monday, October 19, 2009

Strange Happenings at eHow--Forums Erupting with Complaints and Frustrations Over Editing/Publishing Issues

I've been trying to post a new article since yesterday and have yet to be successful. It's a draft I had saved a few weeks ago and wanted to put the finishing touches on it and now my edits and additional info won't stick. I checked the forums and found that many people are complaining about this issue. I've also seen forum posts about deleted articles appearing live again on the site. There's a post about the glitches being related to the Top Requested Articles but none of my drafts are Top Requested Articles. Maybe I'm missing the point here, so if anyone can explain this better please comment here and/or post on the forums. Have any of you been able to publish or edit recently? And have you found any other solutions on your own or on the message boards other than the Top Requested Article explanation?


  1. Yes it's a very irritating issue and I've learned to put the initial unedited article in a text editor just so I won't lose it and to note the pic files I use so I can put them back in. I hope eHow is working on this one as it is a definite glitch in the article writing process.

  2. I noticed this morning that ehow has added a column titled "Expiration Date" in the my article library. Anyone else see it on their account? My expiration dates all read 11/18/09 and they state "You have a limited amount of time to submit an article. Please complete your articles and submit them prior the Expiration date below." So I guess all of my drafts will be deleted on 11/18/09 if not published before then?? It would be extremely helpful if they would fix whatever is preventing us from editing those drafts and adding pics so we could actually publish them.

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