Thursday, October 22, 2009

eHow Back From the Dead?

I hate to speak too soon but the technical issues at ehow seem to be resolved. I was able to publish 2 drafts, one last night and one this morning.

How to Get Your Big Fat Ebates Payment |
How to Earn Amazon Rewards and Gift Codes |

You will notice some changes on the site. In the article library there is a new column "Expiration Date" where they give you 30 days to publish the title you've selected. New articles now need to be reviewed and approved before they will publish them. They send you an email when this is done. Both of my articles were approved and published within 10-14 minutes. I certainly don't mind waiting a few minutes for approval if in fact this new procedure will eliminate or at least minimize the article sweeps we all dread. I can't imagine that a living breathing person is reading and approving/rejecting them. Has anyone else published recently? Let's hear about your experience with the latest changes. I'm curious to know what happens if an article is they just delete it or explain why and give you a chance to correct the problem?


  1. Thanks for the head's up on eHow's apparent resurrection. I just walked away a few days ago figuring to try again next week but it seems the time is now!

  2. Yes Crystal,
    Publish now, for we do not know what tomorrow may bring! Carpe Diem!

  3. I am SO glad the bugs seem to be gone for now. I hope it was a matter of updating/upgrading and all will be better.

  4. This blog is a great idea! Thanks for the invite through eHow to be a part of it. And yes, I did seize the moment and published two eHow articles last night, one complete with photos!

    Is there any way that you can add something similar to what Felicia has on NoJobForMom so our latest blog post from our own blog shows up automatically at the end of a comment? I believe that is how I originally found you - either directly or mentioned on another blog when I followed a link from a comment on hers.

  5. Hi Crystal,
    I'll check into the blogpost link feature--not sure if it would work with blogger--might be a wordpress feature.

  6. I think eHow is finally realizing they'll have to regulate content more closely if they want the site to be successful and a reliable source of information. I think the review is a good idea, but like you I can't imagine someone is reading every single article that is submitted for approval. If nothing else, this will probably turn spammers off b/c they wont' want to go through the effort of writing articles only to have them rejected! We shall see!

  7. The 10-minute approval process isn't anything new. I joined (as allpurposeguru) in August, and the policy was in place at that time. It takes Factoidz much longer to approve submitted articles, and at least once, someone there added a backlink to one of my earlier articles that I had neglected to do. So in 10 minutes, eHow probably has some kind of automated algorithm; Factoidz uses a human editor. Today I successfully added an article on eHow that the software wouldn't let me do for the past two days. I hope they get that permanently resolved soon.

  8. Hi David,
    Interesting info on the approval process. I've been submitting to ehow since March and this is the first time I've encountered it. All of my previous articles went live immediately after clicking the publish button. I assumed it was a new procedure that was being implemented and also responsible for the recent bugs/glitches and error messages.

  9. I published my first article under the approval process today. It worked pretty well and took 7 minutes for my article to be published. If it keeps me from losing out in any sweeps, I am all for it.

  10. Let's all hope the technical gurus at eHow are through with fooling around with our articles and have their submission process down pat. I am all for good submission standards but at the same time my time (our time) is valuable too. Thanks for all the good work and education you are building here in your blog for our corner of the bigger eHow community.

  11. The blog is great. I also have one tracking my ehow income but I have been so busy haven't had time to update in a while. Thanks for the invite.

  12. I also was having major issues with the publishing losing all the major text body. I would get to submit, then instead of the usual "Thank You" message it would flip me back to page one. Of course, page one--the easy part was there, but it lost the entire body of article.
    I just quit posting until eHow got their "stuff" together. Seems to be working better now and approval is back to normal speed as well.

    I also post articles at and work writing articles for flat fees (which range from 2.00 to 12.00 or so each) at

    You do have to submit writing samples and get approved there, but it is a decent site. You can pick and choose whatever you want to write in your level (they grade you on your submission and then continually on the last 5 articles completed), which is nice to be able to work whenever you please. You get one article at a time with a deadline. Once it is completed you can choose another and keep writing. Check it out, helps boost the monthly income.

    Also, I have had pretty good luck driving more traffic to my eHow and Bukisa articles by posting them all at XOMBA as blurps. Just a link really, with a brief paragraph to hook reader into clicking through. I had done a search on the top 10 blogs and XOMBA was one of them, so gave it a try. It's really helped. PLUS, BONUS part is if you sign up for Google AdSense (which I had never done before--but it was easy) you get ad revenue (split with Xomba) for any ad clicks. My first month, with very few articles at the time, yielded an extra 11.00 or so. Every penny counts, YES!

    How many of you submit your articles to all the major sites, like Buzz, Digg, Propeller, Google, etc.? I spend more time doing this than writing, but it pays off as well. So, "key up" those articles.

    I've done a google search and found my articles in the #1 to #6 positions quite often and almost all appear within the first to second page. That's a good thing--check your articles at google and see how they do. post is long, but hope it helps out some fellow writers. And thank you Mommy for this site. I like it better than eHow's community forum.

  13. Hey Everyone,
    Thank you to my new followers and commentors for stopping by to check out this blog. Thank you as well to my returning visitors who keep the conversation going and share valuable ehow info with us all.

  14. I Have only been here since August. I am learning a lot about ehow the swepts and making money. Thanks for inviting me to your blog.

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