Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deadline Looms for Ehow Writers to Tie up Lose Ends

According to ehow, midnight tonight April 13th, is the cutoff for publishing any new articles that are lingering in your drafts. The forums are abuzz with writers complaining about the "greasy mechanic" and pics that won't show up and the same old publishing issues that have haunted us for months. Time is running out and ehow is sticking to that deadline as frustrated writers do their best to publish and keep their sanity and tempers in check. I'm done worrying about ehow at the moment and have no drafts to try to push through before the doors close forever. I've decided to back away from the publishing tool and ride this out as a concerned observer trying to remain stress-free but still feeling the frustration of my ehow friends in the forums, here, and on other blogs.

Many are begging for an extension to get those articles completed before ehow switches to the DS format mainly because of the fact that we will no longer be able to use our own photos. This is particularly troubling to those who publish crafting type "how to's" since chances are, they will not be able to find suitable photo's in the DS catalog to illustrate their article steps properly. In my opinion, writers who use their own personal photos are more credible and show that the project is real, not just an idea they brainstormed and were forced to choose the best pic from a limited pool of options. If the new pic restrictions are squashing your creativity and doing an injustice to your articles then try posting to another site like Infobarrel where you'll have more control over your work. Granted, the traffic on that site is not as strong as ehow's but many ehow writers have already signed on and have high hopes of future growth.

Best of luck and success to all in the days ahead! Stay in touch and let us know where we can find you and your articles in the future.

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  1. A sad phase for many writers and I agree with you that is is disservice to writers to not be able to use their photos for crafts and recipe articles. Integrity and credibility for good writers are important credentials.


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