Thursday, April 8, 2010

DS Veteran Writer Contacting eHow Writers to Solicit Ebook Sales

With change comes opportunity and I can see how the eHow/Demand Studios metamorphosis will open doors for ebook sellers to grab another share of the freelance writing marketplace. Just curious what any of you might know about this ebook that I've been twice solicited to purchase.

One month before the WCP cancelation announcement was released on April 5th I had received a message in my ehow inbox from Kent Ninomiya about applying to Demand Studios and getting his ebook to help with the process of applying and learning how to be successful at DS. I dismissed it rather quickly and had no intentions of purchasing it. Here's the first email he sent on March 4th-

If you are writing for eHow you should definitely check out Demand Studios. They pay writers up front for articles that appear on eHow and other sites. Have you ever noticed how some eHow articles are User Submitted and others are by Contributing Writers? The Contributing Writers are paid by Demand Studios to write those articles. They are not picking up pennies in revenue share. I am the FEATURED CREATOR on the website. I reveal my secrets on how to get accepted to Demand Studios and make big money on their site. I invite you to take a look at

And then the second message arrived after the announcement went public on April 5th-

Did you get the email about eHow canceling their writer compensation program? All writers must now be a member of Demand Studios to write for eHow. Check this out to learn the truth about Demand Studios.

Is it coincidence that he would send out info about his book one month prior to the cancellation of the WCP or did he know this change was in the works and wanted to plant the DS seed early and then come back to close the sale when people were confused, frustrated, and annoyed with ehow?

I am in no way recommending this ebook since I have not read it, but was wondering if any of you have done so and if you've benefitted at all from the info it contains. Since I was not preapproved as a DS writer, I am considering applying and this book does intrique me as it claims to reveal the "secrets" of how to get approved the first time. However, I bet if I looked hard enough I'd find the same "secrets" on a blog or forum somewhere.

I'm not sure if I should admire Kent for jumping on this opportunity to push sales of his book at a time when guidance is truly needed, or should I view him as the hawk circling above the vulnerable field mice below? Cheese, anyone?

What are your thoughts? Can anyone critique this ebook?

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  1. Wow, that is very interesting. I would suggest hawk (or vulture) might be my slant. I did not get that e-mail that I recall or it may have been relegated to the spam folder which I don't check.

    I certainly wish you the best as you make the transition away from eHow. I am under the impression that previously written articles will continue to earn. I hope that is correct.

  2. Hi Kidgas,
    Actually, "vulture" was the first word that came to mind but since I don't consider myself roadkill (not yet, anyway)I thought the hawk and scurrying mice visual fit the situation. ;)
    Yes, they do say we will continue to earn on old articles but that can change at any time as well.

  3. RUN! Don't purchase anything. You point out an important fact--this email was sent PRIOR to anyone knowing about eHow's plans...well, other than the person selling the ebook. That tells me that it is an eHow employee or one of their "writers."

    There were several people on eHow who claimed to make BIG money--though after reading their articles I really wondered how they did. They consistently spent more time promoting than they did writing. Then admitted eHow invited them/paid for them to go to special eHow conferences or some such thing. THOSE people work for eHow. They are just plants in my opinion. I noticed several had ebooks available for sale about how to be successful on, I think this is just another eHow scam.


    I received an invitation to write for eHow and posted the contents of that email here for all to read. According to it, I was "chosen" based on my prior work, number of articles and basically my skills/talent.

    I also received a 2nd email asking me to once again join up with them. I declined, told them to bugger off and remove me from their mailing list.

    I received a copy of the NEW TOS related to the new writers as well. OH BOY! All they did was go through and close any loop holes so they could continue to use articles however and whenever they wish without paying the writers. The wording has been strengthened to do just that.

    If anyone is looking for a good pay by piece sure to try I have had no problems with them or payments. Very fair, honest company. There are tons of others...perhaps we can get a good list going here amongst ourselves so we can all break free of eHow.

  4. I would think long and hard before buying the ebook. Just apply to DS and submit your best writing samples. Once you have been accepted be sure to read all the guidelines carefully. Also check out the forum post by Remi about favorite apps and things people do to be more efficient on DS. Also check out other forum posts by one of the moderators on writing for DS full time. Some of the posts are very helpful.

  5. I purchased the eBook, and it is very informative. Do not judge a book by its cover..


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