Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Won an Ezine Articles Caption Contest!

Hope you all are doing well in your writing efforts with or without ehow/demand studios. I just wanted to share some exciting news.

I found out last night that a cartoon caption I submitted to an Ezine Articles contest was chosen as the winner. I'm told I will be receiving a mug with the cartoon and my caption printed on it. Check it out at Give this Cartoon a Caption.

The mug won't pay any bills but I'll enjoy using it knowing that my writing was recognized and appreciated and I think that's pretty cool!

I've never submitted anything to them other than this caption and from what I understand they do not pay writers for their articles. So basically writer's submit content for FREE in order to get more traffic to their other businesses, blogs, products etc. Can anyone comment on Ezine Articles? Have you used this site and if so have you seen any benefits to publishing there?

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  1. Very AWESOME. I t is nice to get recognition and have achievements on other sites. I totally understand!

  2. How fun is that? Congrats.

    I've dumped Demand Studios for my writing. I hate not being able to put up my own photos and they take FOREVER to respond to questions/issues. My last inquiry took 2 weeks to get a reply!

  3. Congratulations on your win and creativity!


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