Monday, September 28, 2009

The Awesome, Helpful, Knowledgable eHow Community

After I published the first post on this blog last Wednesday I sent messages to my 300 or so eHow friends announcing the birth of yet another eHow blog, this blog. I've come across many blogs about eHow and I appreciate the perspectives of different writers and try to absorb some valuable tid-bits of knowledge from each and every one I read.  Since there are quite a few eHow blogs already, I really didn't expect the enthusiasm I received from my announcement and request for support on this blog. Within a few minutes of hitting the send button I had my first response from Edieness, then as the day went on I received 10 more comments and follows from other eHow friends.  On Thursday and Friday, several more arrived.  Anthony Zerrer was kind enough to link my blog to his eHow Field Guide which, by the way, is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the inner workings of eHow and how to make the most out of the site.

As I acquire new eHow friends I'll be introducing them to this blog and asking them to be a part of it too. By offering them a link to their profile in exchange for comments and follows I'm optimistic that the positive responses will continue. Had I not offered anything in return when I made my request for comments on this blog.....I bet I would have gotten a good amount of sincere and enthusiastic responses anyway by those eager to help out a fellow ehow pal. Most people I've met on eHow are very supportive of each other and are happy to answer newbies questions or reciprocate with comments and recommendations. The success of both the site and the individual writers, hinge on the team effort we all put forth in promoting our articles and strengthening the community. Thanks to everyone who so kindly responded to my request and contributed to the kick-off of this blog! Looking forward to meeting here again and of course at   

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Post- Casting Your Lines in All Directions

I've been submitting articles to ehow since March 2009 and wanted to create a page to document those articles and their earnings and also ponder and discuss the entire ehow experience with others.  Currently, as of today 9/23/09 I have 20 live articles on the site and a few brainstormed titles that I need to finish and publish.

The articles I've listed above are in order of top money maker to zero money makers.  The first article was published on eHow on 5/12/09 and has earned $5.92 with 585 page views.  The bottom 7 articles, which have yet to earn any money, consist of 3 being less than 10 days old and the other 4 being published during 3/30/09 thru 08/11/09 with much fewer page views than my top earners and obviously less popular topics. 

Although, those unlucky 7 articles remain penniless, any one of them may have been responsible for attracting some views and ad clicks on my other more lucrative articles so I do not feel that writing any of them was a waste of time. Here's why.....If a web surfer finds the eHow site while searching for "How to Find or Make Inexpensive Halloween Costumes for Your Kids" they may also be intrigued by my other articles and stay awhile to read more and click some ads.  So, that one article may have been the bait and another one could become the line that actually hooks the fish.

I know I can increase my earnings by posting more articles on a regular basis. I envy those writers who set goals for themselves, like 100 articles a month or 5 new articles a week and actually meet those goals. I'm sorry to say I'm not one of them.....yet! For now, I'm happy to just continue writing when I'm inspired to do so. What about you? Do you set article writing goals? Do you have so many eHow articles that you can just sit back and relax and collect your Paypal payment every month without a care?

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