Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Using Facebook with Ehow? Login Here to Check Earnings

Well, it looks like eHow finally made good on their promise (or threat), depending on how you view it, to require users to login through their facebook accounts. If you've decided not to link your facebook account or don't have a facebook account you can still login to eHow to check earnings, edit articles, update your account info, etc.  Here's the link to use if you're avoiding the facebook login .

By the way, I never received any official notice in an email regarding the changes that recently took affect so I figured I would post the link here for those of you in the same boat.  It doesn't really surprise me though, since I rarely got any notice when they swept my articles.

I'm curious if anyone has gotten an email from eHow.....please comment and tell us if you've heard directly from ehow on how to access your account without going through Facebook. Luckily, a ListMy5 writer posted this info in the forums or else I might still be searching for answers on how to get into my account.
Thank you  traqqer!

Wishing you all continued success with your online writing careers!

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