Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Payments and Notification Issues

I'm happy to say that I once again qualified for a Paypal payment from ehow.  My combined earnings from October and November totaled $12.80 and my payment was received on 12/10/09.  Maybe "happy" isn't the most accurate adjective to describe my feelings, since the amount doesn't actually inspire me to do cartwheels. But in comparison to the 3 months it took me to qualify for the last payment, then I guess you could say I'm pleasantly surprised and content at the moment.

I've heard some rumblings from other writers that they are still waiting for payment. I have noticed that my payments have been arriving later and later in the month. My first one was received on the 5th, second one on the 6th, third one on the 8th and now this one on the 10th of the month. Should I be worried about this?  I'm wondering what their system is for sending out payments. Do they pay the smaller amounts first, then the larger amounts, or do more established writers get faster payments than newbies? Maybe there is no system. If you'd like to share your payment results and receipt dates please do so.

Has anyone else stopped receiving comment notifications or the ehow of the day?  I checked my notification settings to be sure that nothing had changed and verified that every box was checked to receive every notification possible. But I've definitely not received any comment notifications or ehow's of the day since the end of September.  I do, however, still receive friend requests and subscription updates.

One other strange thing that happened was that I received an expiration notice on an article that I had published and had already started earning money from.  Apparently, this article was also still listed under my unfinished drafts and the date of expiration was fast approaching.  I responded to the email and told them that the article should no longer appear as a draft since it was alive and earning money.  I never got a response but I see now that the draft is gone.  I was worried that ehow would delete the live article by mistake but this issue seems to be resolved now.  Anyone else have this situation?

I've added only one new article, "How to Find Out When Someone Unfollows You on Twitter", since my last blog post which brings me back up to 24 articles.  The most I've ever had running live at one time was 26 before the last sweep.  I hope to bring up my total in the future. This may be a good time for an ehow inspired New Year's Resolution.

Well, until next time....On a personal note, I'm looking forward to having the kids home on winter break and relaxing stress free without homework deadlines and extra curricular commitments!  WOOHOO!
Know of any good ehow articles on how to do this?  I think we may have forgotten "how to."    : )

Wishing you all a relaxing, happy and healthy Holiday Season and prosperous New Year!!

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