Monday, February 1, 2010

Ehow Responds to UK Website Concerns With First Ever Video Blog

If you haven't been active on the ehow site lately, you may have missed the latest communication tool they've implemented. Ehow posted their first Video Blog on January 29th where Rich (Community Manager) and Greg (General Manager) discussed what is being done to address the concerns of the community regarding the UK site and the drop in earnings that many writers have been complaining about on the message boards. 

Since my earnings are minimal I hadn't noticed a drastic change but apparently some long time successful ehow writers had noticed a decline in their monthly incomes which they attributed to their articles being published on the UK beta site without being compensated for the ad revenue generated by that site. I've not spent much time on ehow lately and only added one new article since last posting to this blog. According to the video we should see some compensation from the UK site included in January's earnings. Does this mean our earnings will be separated into US earnings and UK earnings? I've not seen any differentiation made in my articles earnings, have you? I'm curious to see if/how they will show the actual compensation from the UK site once they close out the month of January.

Please comment on what else you may have observed or gathered regarding this subject.

Happy February! We've enjoyed a rare snowfall over the weekend and a day off from school due to icy roads. Hope you're staying warm and safe this winter!

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