Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Using Facebook with Ehow? Login Here to Check Earnings

Well, it looks like eHow finally made good on their promise (or threat), depending on how you view it, to require users to login through their facebook accounts. If you've decided not to link your facebook account or don't have a facebook account you can still login to eHow to check earnings, edit articles, update your account info, etc.  Here's the link to use if you're avoiding the facebook login .

By the way, I never received any official notice in an email regarding the changes that recently took affect so I figured I would post the link here for those of you in the same boat.  It doesn't really surprise me though, since I rarely got any notice when they swept my articles.

I'm curious if anyone has gotten an email from eHow.....please comment and tell us if you've heard directly from ehow on how to access your account without going through Facebook. Luckily, a ListMy5 writer posted this info in the forums or else I might still be searching for answers on how to get into my account.
Thank you  traqqer!

Wishing you all continued success with your online writing careers!


  1. Hey BestMommy!
    It's unfortunate that with all the changes in the past year, communication is still a weakness for eHow. I was one of those who linked to FB when eHow asked us to. About a week ago when I clicked my usual eHow link, I was taken to a new eHow page. And on that page, there was nowhere to click to get to my page to manage my articles or check my earnings and reports. I panicked. A few days later I got an email telling me how to reach my eHow reports. Wouldn't it have been great if this information had arrived beforehand? But no, I guess it's too much to ask. Anyway, the link is working fine. And actually the one I received is a little different than the one you posted. But here's the email I received from eHow. Don't know if you watch the TV series "V", but the closing paragraph sounds like something Anna might say to humans in a public address. :<

    Hi divaonline,

    We’re pleased to introduce the new console for eHow writers and former members of the Writers Compensation Program (WCP).
    If you recall, we sent an email earlier this year letting you know we were developing a new place for you to access your reports - outside of your eHow profile page. As of now, you can start accessing reports in this new location ( The new console will show you the exact same tools and reports you are accustomed to seeing on your profile page. We hope you like it!

    We are committed to continuously improving your experience. Thank you for taking time to read this important message. We look forward to helping you through this transition in any way we can.

    For additional information, please submit questions here .

    Thank you,
    The eHow Team

  2. Thanks for responding, Diva! Glad to see you were one of "the chosen" to receive communication from eHow. I've only seen commercials for the "V" you've got my curiosity up, might check it out to see if there are any other eHow similarities. LOL!

  3. I did receive the email with a link to the new console, but sometimes I don't get the official eHow emails either. I didn't do the Facebook connect b/c my Fbook profile is for family/ close friends, and I don't feel comfortable opening that up to a wider group.

  4. Hi Maria,
    My reasons are the same for not connecting my ehow world with my Facebook page. I use FB for personal communications and sharing pics/videos with friends and family. I keep this blog and use other writing forums to interact with other online writers. We certainly have the right to protect our personal lives by keeping them separate from our ehow lives. Facebook is a great marketing tool but there's just too much pressure to "social network" with everyone we cross paths with in real life and online. Before you know it, you've got a few thousand facebook friends and really don't "know" that many of them. I know some ehow writers have made a separate FB page to accomodate ehow's changes with the login procedure. I've considered doing that but haven't taken any action yet.

  5. Thanks for posting this information. I have been freaking out about eHow for months now! haha I never seem to get any useful information from them. Thanks again!

  6. I JUST RECEIVED THIS TODAY in my email:

    Hi lynnmarie,

    We want to personally thank you for the time spent writing articles for and helping contribute to the growth of our site. As a valued writer who’s written articles for eHow, you know we’re a site that is focused on excellence and delivering the best possible experience to our readers.

    As you might remember, we stopped accepting user-generated articles under eHow’s Writer Compensation Program (WCP) in April of 2010. However, we kept articles published by members like you so all contributors could continue earning money for their work.

    As continues to evolve and become a leading destination for trusted information, we are working hard to ensure all content is professionally created and editorially vetted. After much consideration, eHow has decided to close the WCP and remove a number of user-generated articles from the site beginning May 5, 2011.

    Now, what’s exciting for YOU is that we are extending attractive offers to a select group of great writers to purchase the articles they’ve written for eHow so that those articles can be vetted through our current editorial process, which includes professional fact checking and copy editing. Needless to say, your great work has put you in this special category!

    Beginning today, your WCP console will have the details of your offer. The offer includes the purchase price of your articles, which is based on historical earnings. You will have until May 31, 2011 to accept our offer.

    By accepting our offer you are agreeing to sell all the rights of your articles to us. We would own the articles from that point on, and will have the ability to review and revise them to ensure they meet our editorial standards. Following the acceptance of the offer, you will receive three payments: one for regular earnings paid in June for money earned from May 1-5, and two equal installments for your buyout offer, which will be paid by June 15 and July 15, 2011 via PayPal. However, if you choose to decline the offer you will receive your last WCP payment for money earned from May 1-5 by June 15, 2011.

    If you agree to sell your articles, we ask that you immediately remove the articles from any other sites that have published them. If you decline the offer, articles will begin to be removed from However, you will retain complete control of all the content you have written and will continue to have rights to publish them anywhere. Additionally, if you choose not to accept our offer, you’ll have an opportunity to retrieve your articles from us between May 17th and May 31st, if you wish to retain them for your records. Further details for article retrieval will be shared through your WCP console.

    We truly value your contributions to eHow and know that the site would not be what it is today without people like you. Thank you again and please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

    eHow Team
    ok but how in the world do I access this WCP console???? I have NO clue.

  7. oh Here it is!!! HAHAHA lol. i should have known....... well they can KISS MY BUTT for this: (copy and pasted)

    Offer Amount

    "Demand Media is pleased to offer you the sum of $10 to purchase all right, title and interest in your WCP articles. This offer expires on May 31, 2011 at 6:00 PM PST."

    WOOOOO HOOOO a whole $10 not for ONE but ALL my articles!!!! Now I can retire and relax in the lap of luxury. just sayin.

    thanks for the information you presented here but dont waste your time with Ehow anymore.

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  9. hi, i had the same issues with you also. Until now i couldn't find my articles in ehow. I wonder if anyone here knew where to retrieve our articles in ehow. I know i'm kind of late here..but hoping someone would advice me...see you again


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