Monday, October 11, 2010

Beware of Ehow Member Offering to Buy Your Account (or take for free)

I received a bizarre ehow message today and wanted to share it with you. Be on the lookout for similar messages and please report them to ehow. The username of this person is relicon but it sounds like he may have other aliases. Here's the message in red below. The comments in black is what was going through my mind as I was reading it.  

Unfortunately, according the responses I got in the forum regarding this message, I'm not the only one he's contacted about doing this. Have you had any contact with this person or anyone else making a similar request? If so, did you respond or report it to ehow? 

"As you already know, is no longer accepting new articles. Good intro...stating the obvious when you don't know what else to say.

I was wondering if I could have your ehow account for free. BAM! That's the sound of my jaw hitting the keyboard.

If not, I can buy it from you with a satisfying price. satisfying?

I'm doing this because I would like to own your account and promote your ehow articles for residual income. Of course you would.

I'll just try to promote your articles and hope it'll make some views. Wow, now I'm really impressed. I'd never thought of doing that before!

If you don't use your ehow account anymore or you've given up already, you can give me your account for free or I can buy them from you. Given up? Does he not understand the concept of passive income?

If you do decide to give it to me or sell it to me, don't forget to change your personal stuff like your paypal and social security in your ehow account details. Of course, how dumb do you think I am?

I bought ehow accounts in the past 3 months and some people don't change their personal stuff in their ehow. Just 2 let u know. I really hope this is not true. Why would anyone leave their personal info on the account if they did sell it to him?

I'm really good at promoting articles, I hope you'll make the decision. I'll buy your ehow account even if it costs me $100. Hey, big spender...where've you been all my life? 

please let me know your decision. thank you." Oh no, kind sir, thank you! Thank you for this ridiculous proposal that gave me quite a chuckle. So who's the prankster? Anyone want to confess?

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