Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Finally Made Payout! How About You?

When ehow shut down the WCP I was left with 30 articles and very discouraging earnings and not much to say about ehow, so this blog sat neglected since.....WOW....June 11th?....has it really been 4 months?

Time flies when you're not obsessing over ehow, I guess  = )

Anyway, I thought I would add some positive comments here about my earnings. I hope to hear more of the same from you so please go ahead and brag about you're Sept. earnings or feel free to vent if you're discouraged.

Although only a few of my 30 articles are making money consistently every month, I've been sooooo close to breaking that $10 minimum several times in the past. Well, last month I finally did it! I closed out September with $11.30.  I had only made payout one other time and that was in June of '09.

I would be very pleased if this became the norm going forward. Although 11 bucks won't even pay the internet bill, it would serve as a monthly reminder that the time I put into ehow was a good investment in my future. I'm going to think of any future payments I receive as interest on a savings account that I opened last year and forgot about.  I haven't been making any deposits to it but the amount I've already put in is slowly paying off.  

My earnings so far for October are $3.35 so it looks like a good possibility that I'm on track for another payout in November.  We all know it's too soon to make that assumption so I'll let you know how things turn out at the end of the month.

How are you doing with your articles that remain on ehow? Was September a good month for you too?

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  1. Aer you doing anything to promote them or increase backlinks? I am doing fine with earnings although this month looks a smitchy smaller trend wise.

  2. Hi Darla,
    I tweet them once in awhile, link them on redgage(very glitchy at the moment) and I just published a few lists on ListMyFive which included some ehow links. I've used other sites like Zomba and Infobarrel too but haven't been active on those in a long time. Any other suggestions you can share?


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